Sunday, November 25, 2007

Neuromuscular dentistry in NYC

My brother-in-law came back with his wife and kid yesterday. Just when i'm not feeling well to entertain them. I'm still in pain and my mood is off for the past few days. I've not been doing much except watch movies, nap and play computer games all day long. The kids are happy as they got to play with their cousin brother and with Yuan Yuan around, Malcolm can be big brother for once, lol. And i think i'm not the only one who's not feeling well lately. I saw my sister-in-law walking in and out of the toilet with a tissue to her mouth all the time.

I can tell that she's having her period again. She get a migraine headache each time her period comes and it makes her throws up every now and then. It's been that way for many years and she's been to many doctors for her problem. Too bad there's nothing much that they can do for her except prescribe her with painkillers. I have a friend with the same problem once. She went to see a doctor that specializes in Neuromuscular dentistry in NYC. She's not been complaining of her problem after her visit. TMJ NYC helps patients with migraine headaches, sore jaws and tension headaches. If you have these problems, you may want to pay this doctor a visit.

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