Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Meeting Dawn

I'll be out gaigai again at 3pm later. Going to meet Dawn at Parkson, lol. The last time we met was 7 years ago when a classmate got married. That's it. We do keep in touch via our blogs though. And i call her up once in a while to chat. We were supposed to meet at 2pm. But i slept at y7am and woke up about an hour ago. Hubby is still ironing the bedsheets as i type, ishhhh. So, appointment postponed to 3pm. The sky is dark and gloomy and will most likely pour by 3pm if i'm not wrong. I'm always right, lol. But since we're going to the mall, who cares about the rain lah. I just gotta figure how to run to the car from the house with the kids without getting wet if it rains later.

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2crazydogs said...

Hey it was great meeting you again. Plus your kids are damn cutesy. Will forward that blogspot add to you soon.