Monday, November 12, 2007

Have you seen the new Toyota Vios?

As you know I need to buy a car sooner or later. I cannot rely on hubby and my mother-in-law to send Gordon to school. We went to take a look at the new Toyota Vios the other day and I like the car very much. It comes in a variety of trendy colors and also has a bodykit with an all-black interior too for the sporty version. I think this will appeal to the younger buyers. I prefer the model with a two-toned interior as I don’t really like black, BLEKK.

I’ve asked some of my friends who owns Toyota regarding the Toyota Radiator and if it lasts or not. I heard that replacing it may be quite expensive. They told me the radiator lasts a long time but if I ever need to replace mine one day, I can buy them from They sell all types of radiator for nearly every car that you can think of and their prices are also very reasonable too

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