Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy Paidpost Anniversary to ME!!

It's been a whole year since i wrote my first paidpost. A year of nothing but frenzied blogging day in day out, more blogs, more opps and more money, of cos. I'm very much a go-getter. Where there is good money to be made, i'll go for it. Cos through the years, i've come to learn that money doesnt wait for those who hesitate. Neither does it grow on trees.

It's just too bad for many who missed the boat for the last 12 months or so. You had one whole year to do it and yet, you did not. And now, you sit and rant in front of your computer cos you lost. But how can you lose something which isnt yours in the first place. It's all up for grabs and i grabbed a lot of it. Many of my blog buddies also grabbed a lot together with me.

The internet and technology changes all the time, and paidpost is a new trend. It needs time to perfect, and i jumped in on it at its infancy. For those who chose to wait-and-see, the rules would have changed by the time you decide to give it a try; like now. I've been through many hurdles this year writing alone, as many blog buddies of mine would attest. So many changes in such a short time.

We got sidelined, we got segmented, we got demoted, but does that mean the end of the world? No, i moved on. It only push me to look for greener pastures elsewhere and i found it. Lots of it too. Very green. Though the toolbar at the top of my browser is now without its green, it's because all of it is with me now. All inside my bank, earning 8.1% interest per annum for me until i call it quits.

So, who's the biggest winner at the end of the day? Clearly, i won. And i'm still writing as of now. A lot more to finish and lots more to come too. Let the moolah keep flowing in.... it's all bonus to me now. Happy Paidpost Anniversary to Samm!!

Added: And not forgetting a special thanks to 5xmom. It's with her encouragement and constant guidance that i've made so much.


shoppingmum said...

Mana champagne? Wait lah, when it's my turn we go drink.

Cyberpartygal said...

hapi hapi hapi!!!! COngrats on one year of frenzied writing. I can only imagine! Now can relax loh... like you said, it's BONUS time lol

Sweetpea said...

Happy Paidpost Anniversary! Happy retirement lar :P i told my hubby, and he said 'yakah? time to look for some other lobang to cari money lor'...