Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Glam up your gadgets with some Bling!!!

Let's face it. I really hate the color black. And this is especially true when it comes to my gadgets like mobile phones and laptop computers. I think those companies can do way better in coming out with cool gadgets in more colors and designs than the boring black. I know black is cool, black is high-tech, black is in, but i really dont like black. Too bad that i dont have much choice here as most of the gadgets that meet my specifications are in black. So, it's either i buy them for my work or i dont.

Over the years, i have bought many black colored gadgets. The latest being my Nokia N73, which happens to be in black. A friend told me i can always change the casing but i wasnt able to find one that i really like. They still do look like mass produced ones and cannot be personalized at all. She then told me that another easy way to glam up my mobile phone and other gadgets is to stick on some bling. You know, those tiny, shiny crystals that come in beautifully arranged patterns that's ready to peel off and stick on. I love glittering stuffs and i bet it'll surely bring some life back to my gadgets and i dont have to live with its color, lol. Yes, i will get some back and give it a try. You too, ya.

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L B said...

Bling Bling Pole!!