Thursday, November 08, 2007

Getting a new carseat for Malcolm

Malcolm now refuse to sit still in his carseat, or should i say it's Gordon's carseat to begin with. He can squirm out very easily and going out with him is turning into both a chore and also a nightmare. That's why i seldom take him anywhere by myself if i can help it. I'd rather wait till hubby's free to drive us around. I've heard a lot of horror stories of young children getting hurt badly cos they are not strapped safely in their carseats when the driver makes an emergency brake. I certainly wont want that to happen Malcolm.

I told hubby maybe he doesnt like the carseat he's sitting on right now. A friend recommended that we get the britax decathlon for him. She's been using it for years and it's very good and comfortable. Her baby used to climb out of his seat until she switched to this carseat. No harm trying as all i want is to have a safe journey. If Malcolm refuse to sit in his carseat, then there'll be less outings from now onwards. I may even have to cancel my trip to KL :(

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