Friday, November 09, 2007

FotoFix for all your photo enhancement needs

Hubby was just telling me how powerful my Sony T100 is. I'm getting better and better by the day at handling the camera and my pics also looks great. A digital camera can only do so much. It still depends on the photographer's skills to get beautiful shots. One tip to get great shots is to take lots and lots of shots at one go. Not just one or two shots. That's the beauty of a digital camera. We dont have to worry about the high cost involved in developing those films like the old days. All we need is to upload our photos to the computer and we can select the best shot for printout and also framing.

My camera also has a few built-in photo enhancement applications. Too bad, it cannot remove all the flaws. A friend knew that i'm out most of the time and told me about, which is a new online photo enhancement service. It's not another of those simple red-eye reductions as my camera can do that, k. I got to know that provides high-quality digital photo enhancement like skin smoothing, complexion evening, body slimming, and tooth whitening for all those photos that i have inside my harddisk. It uses a combination of the latest airbrush and retouching techniques to enhance those photographs. They also employ a team of professionally trained photographers and artists to work on the photos, ensuring the best quality all the timed. And their charges is so reasonable and affordable. Check it out!!

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