Monday, November 19, 2007

Are you planning for your year end holiday now?

Everyone seems to like going on holidays at this time of the year. They keep telling me that i ought to take my kids for a holiday too. Ya, i need a sponsot now that i'm not earning much already. I prefer to invest what i've earned so far and make more from them instead of spending them at one go. But hubby did say he will take them to Penang as he wants to go to the beach. Malcolm likes water, but not Gordon. I think he'd rather sit with me with the PSP round his neck more likely.

My SIL was over and brought some photo albums with her. She just came back from a holiday. Went to four places at one go. To summarize it all, she went to the Canals, van Gough Museum and Dam square in Amsterdam. Visited the Temple of Olympus, Ancient Agora and Acropolis in Athens. Toured some islands in Greece. And had lots of fun at Prague Castle, Old Town Square and also Wenceslas Square in Prague.

She kept explaining to me how wonderful those places are and that i should really visit them one day. Not for me now. Not until my kids are bigger and wont run about like wild monkeys. But of cos for the rest of you who are planning your holiday now, you may want to check out the best deals in accommodation like amsterdam hotels, athens hotels, greece hotels and prague hotels, by clicking on the links provided in this post. Have fun!!

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