Saturday, November 03, 2007

Are you planning for a holiday?

I love it this time of the year. This is when hubby has the time to relax a bit and take us for a holiday. But not for long as his work resumes in December. If we were to go for a holiday, i have to start planning now as my kid's school holiday starts in two weeks time. That will leave me with only two weeks left for a great family vacation. I'm not going to complain as two weeks is better than none at all.

I told hubby i want somewhere away from the city. I dont want any shopping trips as i dont think the kids will enjoy walking and waiting for me to try on clothes, lol. I'll most probably take them to the beach, somewhere where they can run to their heart's content. Hubby says i can check out those Free vacation rental listings and see if i can find Telluride vacation rental or not. His friend went there once and told him that he had a great time there. You may want to check out those Free condo rental listings at if you are planning for a vacation soon.

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