Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Which POS equipment is better?

My girlfriend quit her high flying job as an air-stewardess and married her childhood lover. They have been dating for more than ten years and only decided to tie the know this year. She now has plenty of time on hand and would like to set up a business of her own. She got to know many suppliers when she was still flying and she wants to open up a gift shop and souvenir items for tourists. She says it s a very profitable business.

As it's a new business venture, she doesnt want to spend so much money buying new POS equipment for her shop, her hubby told her to check out those used point of sale equipment like those ibm pos equipment sets that his friends are using. She says one of her friends recommended her the Fujitsu Point of Sale equipment and she would like to give it a try. She's getting it from Vision POS, a specialist in point of sale equipments.

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