Monday, October 22, 2007

Support Chat solution for your website

Ever been to a website where there is a chatting service on it's sidebar. It's very useful feature for those sites as customers get to inquire in real time about the products or services they offer. If you are selling a product on your website or your blog, you may want to check out LiveHuman, which is a host based and full featured support chat service. There's nothing complicated about the service as all you need to do is to add a single HTML line to your site at the location you feel is best. But i recommend that you place it high on the seidebar so that anyone looking for someone to ask can find it easily.

It has a picture on it that indicates whether you are online of offline. Your customers will be able to chat with you easily once they click on it. It has a very useful console application for the site owner to monitor his visitors as they surf the site. If you are concerned about pricing, the
LiveHuman only costs $13/month per operator for the yearly contract. You have to try this out and see how much you will benefit from it. I have tried this useful feature on many sites before and it has helped me make make up my mind faster. Do check it out, ya.

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