Monday, October 22, 2007

Subscribe to direct satellite TV

Hubby asked me what am i going to do with Gordon's computer. It's still lying around the living hall since the computer technician upgraded it. I've of hooking it up to the tv outside so that i can watch Uncle Joe's movies on it. But the technician says there might be a problem with crt TVs. I'll have to to the electrical stores to check if they are having promotions for LCD TV or not as i think a 40" will be just right for our living hall and has built-in pc-input terminals.

I can even blog from the couch with just a wireless keyboard and mouse. And that's provided i can see the fonts from so far away. Hubby says if i want to watch movies on it, i might as well go bring the Astro down from the attic and subscribe to Direct Satellite TV for better reception. He says the resolution of all those Uncle Joe's movies are horrible if i were to watch it on fullscreen, lol. Oh, nevermind. I'll watch it from my pc then, what the heck. As for Astro, forget about subscribing it for the time being. No one watches it. What a waste of money.

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