Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stemlife referral fee

Stemlife referral fee cheque

This is the first cheque i received from Stemlife. I cannot remember when i received this letter. I found it inside a stack of magazines at hubby's corner. Thank god still can bank in as it's dated in August. But it's a cool Rm150, so, i need another Rm100 for Malcolm's cordblood storage fees for next year. If you havent seen my post on Malcolm's Incredible Journey To Planet Earth, please do so. It's one of my best posts and one that i dont think will get repeated as i have no intention of having any more kids. My 2 boys are more than enough to drive me crazy 24/7, lest you want to visit me in Tanjung Rambutan, okay. Anyone here who wish to store their baby's cordblood with Stemlife, do cite me as a referral, ya. Drop me a line at myorganiclife at gmail dot com. Have a great SUNDAY!!!

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