Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Samm No Talk

I lost my voice since yesterday. It's still pretty non-existent now. My throat hurts when i try to speak. And the thing is, even though everyone knows that i cant speak, my MIL stood by the sink as i was brushing my teeth yesterday and kept asking me questions and told me what to eat and such. I dont know whether to answer her or give her the middle finger, niamah. As if not being able to talk aint bad enough, wanna make me answer some more, tiu. Where got people like that wan. No choice but to give her a fake smile and black face at the same time. And i've now developed a cough with an itchy throat too. Sei foh... they all come in a package deal, dont they. Soon, i'll be sneezing away gua.... dohhhhhh

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