Thursday, October 04, 2007


Anyone here heard of Leadpile? No? Then it's time you sit up and listen. Lead marketplaces are very popularly these days and The Lead Marketplace/Exchange of Leadpile is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Now, what makes Leadpile different from others is that they cut off the middleman. This way, they lower their cost and buyers receive fast response and effective leads in real time.

A point to note here is to date, Leadpile Lead Exchange has passed already 1.5 million leads recently. Isnt it kinda like eBay when it was just starting? And they did it without any financial backing from venture capitalists at all. It's not easy for a new business to take off without financial backing but Leadpile has proven otherwise. Many people can now buy or sell their leads here at leadpile without worrying of the high costs involced. So, now you know where to go to when you need leads? Remember, it's Leadpiles.

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