Monday, October 01, 2007

Is Hawaii a shopping paradise?

It's been along time since i really shopped till i drop. Oh yes, i know i've been buying a lot of stuffs lately. But hey, half the time, those are my kids and hubby's stuffs. Apart from yarn and gadgets, i hardly ever get anything nice for myself. My friend told me the shopping malls near those Oahu vacation rentals sells lots of designer goods like designer handbags and my all-time favorite jeans. Yes, i practically live in jeans, period.

I've personally checked out the Hawaii Travel Information and found some really nice Hawaiian Beach Rentals there. Hubby still not showing any signs of going there with me. If he's willing to help me keep an eye on both kids, i dont mind going there for the weekend with a boygirlfriend. I have a few in mind who's going to make a great trip companion. But knowing him, he'll most probably ask me to take Gordon with me and leave Malcolm behind.... ish.

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