Friday, October 12, 2007

I cant find our christmas lights

I was walking round the mall the other day and i saw some workers hanging led christmas lights around the place. So soon? It's only October. Dont tell me they are now starting to decorate the malls for christmas now. I know it's now festive season and many people are beginning to shop for gifts for friends and family members, but i certainly dont have that christmassy feeling yet. Do you feel it? Today is only the eve of Raya. They should be hanging ketupat instead. And Deepavali is also not here yet.

Talking of christmas lights, hubby did ask me to get ours down from the attic the other day. He says he wants to take them back to the office. It's a relieve that he's only putting them up at the office and not at home. I sure dont want Malcolm and Gordon pulling at those lights. Both of them are getting cheekier by the day. Even if i were to decorate my house with christmas lights, i will only wait till the week before christmas to do so. I think we'll suffer less damages that way, lol. If you need to buy christmas lights, you may want to check out those beautiful holiday selections at

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