Wednesday, October 03, 2007

How do i sell my structured settlements?

Do you know that you can sell of your Structured Settlements? You dont have to receive them in small amounts each time. I have a friend who keeps complaining each time her cheque arrives. She says the amount is so miserable that she wish there is some way that she can get the full amount. She asked me once if she can sell off her structured settlements or not as she is really getting fed up of having to wait so long for the final full amount that's rightfully hers. She says that if she can get the full amount, she can send her kid to a better college and even pay off some old debts.

I've spoken with a few friends over this matter and they told me they know of a company that can help turn all those Structured Settlement payments into a lump sum of cash for the beneficiary. As a beneficiary to structured settlements, one can do anything to it including sell it off. A company that deals with this is Stone Street Capital. I heard that they have an option called the Lump Sum Cash Option. It's the best way to get the final full amount of your structured settlement payments quickly and easily. My friend can contact them for a free quote if she is interested.

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