Friday, October 12, 2007

Heard of MyAdBase?

Hubby just got back from KL last night with a lot of advertising material. He was there to meet some hotshot advertising firm and he complained that their pricing is too expensive for his company. His brother offered to help him find another, but he's known to procrastinate till the last minute. Hubby doesnt want anything to happen to his pet project and told him a big thank you, lol. He's now trying his best to look for other forms of new media advertising for his company.

It's the end of the year and nearly the advertising firms are tied down with year end projects. Looking for one really isnt that easy at this time of the year. But i know he will try his best. I told him he should consider online advertising. It's a great platform and reaches out to many people at the fraction of the cost of what it takes to produce a tv ad. I took a look at those advertising portals like MyAdBase in the UK that provide listings from media sellers and advertising agencies. He can check them out.

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