Sunday, October 21, 2007

A great parenting resources site to bookmark

New moms or mom-to-be do bookmark this parenting resources site. It's a massive search engine of over 120k of Reviews of Local Stores, Baby Products, Classes, Doctors & Kid Friendly Dining Spots for Thousands of U.S. Neighborhoods. You will visit this every once in a while to find things for your baby. Not only can you find shop here, it's also full of useful articles too. I wish we have something like this that caters to our local folks. But if you come across one, do share, ya. I'm sure many parents would love to share their reviews and opinion there. A friend once asked me where she can find the famous Bugaboo stroller in Brooklyn and i told her to check the site out. She finally found a store that carries it and bought one for her baby. If i've not bought the Quinny, i might consider buying the Bugaboo too. Dont tempt me....

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