Saturday, October 06, 2007

Dream or nightmare?

Hubby did something unexpected for me just now. He helped me take my laundry in from the backyard as he's afraid the rain might wet them again and i have to wash them once more. He did ask me earlier and i told him to let them rot out there as i was busy with the kids. Isnt he sweet. What a dream. But he doesnt know that this dream is actually a nightmare as the way he does things is not the way i want it to be.

I remove those clothes from the hanger before i take them in. He on the other hand took everything in. That gives me more work as everything is tangled up and i have to remove every single darn piece of clothing from those hangers and take them back to the backyard and hang them back onto the lines. See, more work isnt it. And i'm the kind that has to fold my clothes the moment i bring them in. If not, they'll get all crumpled up and i have to to either wash them again or iron every single one. Just why cant he let them rot in the lines.

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