Saturday, October 13, 2007

Does Prada shoes come in size 3?

I really dont like shopping for shoes. I have sized 3 feet and most of the shops do not carry shoes for my dainty pair of feet. Sad huh. Forget about designer brands unless they are custom-made. Or shall i say i'm lucky as i dont have to part with my hard-earned money, lol. Eventhough i cant find them at the stores, other are just so many other places where i can get them.

Take for example. They ship for free worldwide. With so many different brands like Air Jordans, Bathing Apes, Air Dunks, Evisu Jeans, Red Monkey Jeans, Prada Shoes & Gucci Shoes, i'm sure anyone will be able to their pair of favorite shoes without much problem, ya. They even offer a $10 rebate when you place a mail order with them. Now, doesnt that just sound great. What are you waiting for. Hop over now and get a pair or two now.

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Judy said...

the website doesn't work anymore ):