Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can you sell off your life settlement?

My uncle has retired and he now spends most of his time at the Turf Club. He loves horses and bought a few new race horses recently. He now has more than half a dozen horses in his stable and some of them has won a few races before. Apart from that, he also loves to play golf and goes out to sea in his fishing yacht. Sounds like a dream lifestyle, right. But one that needs a lot of money to upkeep and maintain. He made his money all by himself and is very proud of his personal achievements. He really deserves the best of what life has to offer.

He says he's now old and would like to sell off some of his Life Settlements and buy a few more horses. According to him, good race horses are really expensive as they can make him even more money when they win a race for him. He didnt tell us how he's going to turn those Life Settlements into cash, but he did say he will get a lot of money from them. He will also donate some of it to charities as he has no children. I hope he can sell them off soon and enjoy his life.

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