Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All inclusive Jamaica vacation

I had a fright just now. I just set up my laptop at the living hall, sat down with cushions propped behind me when Gordon ran up to me, PSP in hand, with tears running down his cheeks. I saw blood trailing all the way from the bedroom to where i'm seated. He kept saying, "pain-pain, pain-pain". It broke my heart to see and hear that my boy is in pain again. You all know what happened to his foot earlier, right.

He kept rubbing his right foot, the one that was operated on earlier and i saw blood all over it, and over his left foot too. It was frightening. I stayed calm and asked him what happened and he held up his foot to me. I cant see very clearly as there was so much blood. I took him to the bathroom and flushed the blood away, dried it and saw a small cut on the bottom. The blood wont stop flowing and i had to bandage it. He's alright now. And i still havent got a clue where he got the cut from.

I was teling hubby that all this running up and down every single day is tiring. I'm really drained both physically and mentally. I told him i'd like a trip to those all inclusive resorts. My best friend just came back from an all inclusive jamaica vacation and she's been telling me about it each time we chatted on MSN. Yes, an all inclusive jamaica vacation is just what i want now. I just have to wait till school holiday starts.

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