Monday, October 01, 2007

Affordable accommodation in Hawaii

I asked Michelle if she would like to go with me for a shopping trip to Hawaii or not. She told me she just got back from a trip there too herself. Awwww.... what a pity. Michelle is a real chatterbox and loves to gossip. I thought it'd be fun to have her along with me to Hawaii. I want to catch up on all the hot gossips about our old classmates and friends. Too bad, she's had enough of it for the time being. But nevermind, if Michelle dont want to go with me, i'll ask either Debby or Karen later.

According to Michelle, she found that those Kauai vacation rentals are not too suitable if one were to go to Hawaii for shopping. She says it is better to stay elsewhere. She told me to take my time to go through those Hawaiian vacation information and find myself a cosy and affordable Hawaiian Beach Rentals instead. True also, if i were to go to Hawaii for a shopping trip, it's best i dont spend so much on accommodation.

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