Friday, September 21, 2007

Who's been to St Thomas Villa?

I just got Malcolm back to his nap. He was woken up by the loud noise streaming in from the kitchen. All my sister-in-laws are there. One of them went on a holiday at St Thomas Villas two weeks ago. She brought over a few photo albums and all three of them were going through those albums and yakking away at the top of their voices. She was telling them abut the beautiful interior decorations the place they stayed at and that the bedroom is far comfortable than her own room. Of course, stupid woman. If not, how to command such a high price?

I really dont like them sitting there. I've told them many times to congregate at the living hall as my baby is a light sleeper. Too bad, they are so inconsiderate. I just feel like kicking hem out of the house. I did here her ranting that all the picture with her in it turned out blur cos she got her son to take those pics. Ah, good. Serves her right. I've heard about St Thomas Villa before. It's a private luxury villa at the Caribbean. Looks like i need to go there to check it out for myself when i have the chance. Anyone been there before?

*This is a paid review*

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