Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where to buy Schutt football helmet?

I think bringing up sons are far difficult than girls. If you do not train them to pick up after themselves, i think half the time is spent clearing up the mess they make. Many of my relatives with only boys agree fully with me on that. And they tell me i'd better start training them young if i want to do less housework. Ya, sure. I have two boys myself, and i'm so going to go after them with the cane if they leave their things lying around the place. Even if i may hire a maid next time, that doesnt give them a reason not to pick up after themselves.

Now, a relative of mine who has 5 sons told me all of them play sports and are huge football fans. She told me she's really sick of washing their clothes, especially sports apparels every other day. And she has to keep buying new ones too cos they grow up so fast, lol. She ranted to me just now they are bugging her to buy them those New Schutt Football Helmet named Schutt ION 4D and SkyDex 2. But if you love your kids, you'll want them to enjoy their favorite sport safely, right. Geee. i hope my boys dont grow up to be footballers. Or i'm sure going to end up ranting like her all day long. But if they do, then i'll just have to buy Schutt Football Helmet for them and let them enjoy their game safely.

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