Sunday, September 09, 2007

Where to buy health insurance leads?

I dont think i need to remind you that i do not like people calling me before 11am unless it's a matter of life and death. If not, forget it. Or be prepared to get an earful from me. I go to bed at 5am in the morning, when most of the people in my part of the world is fast asleep in their cosy and warm beds. I hardly get the chance to blog during the day as my kids takes up most of my time.

The other day, i got a call from an insurance agent at 9am sharp asking me if i want to buy life insurance from him or not. I asked him who gave him my number but he hesitated. He finally told me it Nancy, my old schoolmate, who gave it to him. Now i'm very pissed. Nancy had no right to give him my number. And what made me ever madder was he had the cheek to ask me for more leads before he put the phone down.

He's just so NOT professional at all. What he should have done is to get quality life insurance leads from companies like Not calling people who did not opt in for the info. He will surely close more sales equipped with one of those lists. Those are consumers who are seeking competitive life insurance quotes and have completed detailed online questioner requesting for desired coverage. So, if you are an insurance, go buy your health insurance leads from instead of asking around from your friends and relatives.

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