Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Visit Kew Garden in London

My brother-in-law had to go to England for a few weeks and invited my sister-in-law to go along with him. He knows she's be alone here since they have no children. He told me over MSN earlier that he'll be going to a few places this time. There are a few events in London, Birmingham and Manchester that he has to attend. I asked him what interesting places are there to visit in London.

He says i can go to Kew where there are 300 acres of shrubs, trees and flowers that make up Kew Gardens. Kew Garden is the most comprehensive public gardens in the world and it is also one of London's villages. It has a cricket pitch on a spacious green, some excellent pubs and several smart new restaurants t enjoy lunch or dinner at. If i am interested in going to the museum, then Manchester is the place to visit. He's only going to Birmingham for the first time. he'll let me know when he comes back.

Before he logged off, he told me he has to book Hotels in London, Hotels in Birmingham and Hotels in Manchester for his partners too. I asked if it'll be expensive or not to go to England for a holiday. He says it's actually not if i were to book everything from Cheaperthanhotels. It offers last minute and year round accommodation with free inclusions at prices which is often less than directly at the hotel , hostels or serviced apartments.

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