Sunday, September 16, 2007

The rain stopped!!!!

YAY!!!! So, what does this mean? I can finally stop blogging and take the kids out?? Not even 3pm here yet. What's there to do? I cooked pasta just now and we're all full already. But nowadays, i dont really like eating out with the kids. Give me stress only. I'd rather feed them at home and snack when out.

Since hubby wants to look for Dodge Charger accessories at Jusco, i can blog from Coffee Bean with the kids. Gordon love the carrot cake there. Malcolm..... he can share Korkor's carrot cake lah. Unless he really doesnt like it, then i'll order another plate of pasta for him. And yes, buy another can of my favorite Genmaicha. No more jorrr. Time to get changed liao.

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