Monday, September 17, 2007

Protect your skin with this Organic Skin Lightener with SPF 30

Hubby will be away for a few months this time and i have to send my kid to school again. He attends afternoon sessions and the sun is at its harshest when it's time to drive him there. It's really bad for skin as direct exposure to harsh sunlight can contribute to premature aging, also known as photo-aging.

If i dont use a lotion with a minimum Sun Protection Factor of 15, chances of me developing pigmentation is quite high. Or worse, wrinkles too. But i dont use conventional chemical formulated moisturisers. I only use organic formulations as they are gentle on skin and doesnt harm it unlike chemical ones.

If you havent tried Organic Skin Care before, i suggest you start with this Organic Lightener with SPF 30. Apart from protecting your skin with its potent antioxidants, it will also help lighten and fade skin tone discoloration. And remember, dont just apply it on your face. Dont neglect your neck and hands too. Those areas are also exposed to sunlight. Give it a try and see the difference.

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