Friday, September 21, 2007

Online poker at bet365

Do you know how boring it is to sit here and type all day and all night long? It's really really boring. I can work much better if my kids are not around to bug me, but too bad the scenario is not all that blissful. Gordon and Malcolm are both getting more and more demanding by the day. Gordon would want me to accompany him at the computer or play the PSP with him. There are some levels that he just cant cross and in have to help him out. Really not easy man, that kid.

And Malcolm only wants to climb up onto the table these days. I have to make sure that the chair is pushed far back so that he cant climb up. I got fed up and went over to my sis' house the other day. She's still on leave. My brother-in-law was also on leave to accompany her at home. Just like a vacation, but at home only, lol. He was playing online poker at bet365 when i arrived. How interesting. No need to go to the club and play with his friends anymore. Can play at home so comfortably now. Good for him, dont have to drive so far now. And my sis is happier cos he's home most nights now, lol.

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