Monday, September 10, 2007

Not enough working space

Gordon gave me a fright just now. He was playing at my new BenQ laptop when suddenly, he banged on the keyboard and the spacebar button came off. I thought he broke it or what. I tried to fix it back with my bare hands but failed. I finally managed to attach it back to the laptop with the help of a pair of tweezers... PHEEEWWW. I've told him not to throw a tantrum and hit the keyboard anymore. If not, he wont get to play with it anymore.

My old pc is still at the computer shop. I'm claiming warranty for the motherboard which conked out last month. Once i get it back he can have that. ALl i need to do is buy another LCD monitor for myself and he can have my 17" Dell. I tell you, my room is so small and i have three computers in it. Yes, INSIDE THE BEDROOM!!! I think it's time i get one of those computer carts or even better, LAN Racks. I saw a few good quality upright LAN Racks at VersaTables. I got to get hubby to check it out and buy one back for me soon. I'm running out of space to work.

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