Thursday, September 20, 2007

My kids have health insurance. Yours?

I'm so glad that i bought insurance for both my kids right after they were born. My brother-in-law is an insurance agent, and he takes care of all our insurance needs. Did you remember i blogged about Gordon's foot. I've been to the clinic for treatment many time and even took him to the surgeon's to have it operated on. If not for his health insurance, the combined cost of all the treatments are quite high. My brother-in-law told me to compile all the receipts and he will be back this weekend to help me submit them for health insurance claims.

My neighbor does not believe in buying insurance before as she's always thought she cannot afford it. I told her she can always get cheap health insurance at SHe just have to check the site out to ask for cheap health insurance quote. It's better to protect yourself with inexpensive health insurance as medical treatments can be quite high these days. I'm sure you dont want to be caught in a situation whereby you require medical treatment and you cannot afford to it.

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