Saturday, September 15, 2007

My cousin is looking for used pos equipments

My cousin's store is about ready. Maybe in another month or so. He dropped by just now for a short chat and asked if i know of anyone who sells those POS equipment. He told me his friend bought a brand new system once for his supermarket last year and they cost a bomb. He's worried now that he cannot afford it and cant get a loan. He forgot to budget for it and he doesnt want to delay the shop's opening date any longer.

If i'm not wrong, hubby's business friend bought a set of used point of sale equipments when he et up his store some time back. I cant remember the brand very clearly now. It's either ibm pos equipment or NCR point of sale equipment. He told me he saved a lot of money and he doesnt have to worry much. He got them from Vision POS, a specialist in POS equipments. They will service those equipments if anything goes wrong. But so far, everything's fine and he has no complaints at all. I think my cousin had better contact Vision POS fast if he wants his stop to open on time.

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