Friday, September 21, 2007

My aunts wants to go on a vacation

My aunt's been complaining that she never get to go on a holiday. My uncle works for a multinational company that has offices throughout the world. Most of the time, he's away and my aunt is left back home to tend to her brood and the house. She's very lonely, and her kids drives her nuts. Though my aunt is already in her forties, she only started giving birth at age 38. I can imagine a 46 year old woman still running after toddlers. It's no easy feat. I have two of my own and i know how hard it is.

She told me she threatened my uncle that she's going to apply for an Oregon mortgage refinance and go on her dream vacation, even if he isnt going with her, lol. She can be so imaginative. But i dont think it'll work on my uncle. He knows she's just talking nonsense. But i know many people really do that. They ontain a remortgage on their house just so that they can have a vacation. Geee... i'll never do that. If i dont have enough money, then i'll stay put here. But if you really want to do that, then dont forget to apply for an Oregon mortgage refinance, ya.

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