Thursday, September 06, 2007

Martin Worldwide

My niece called me up this evening. She thanked e for giving her best advice ever when it comes to getting quality leads for her business. She closed her first sale today from those leads and have more coming soon. There was once she called me up to ask for phone numbers of my friends so that she can sell them her products. I told her that's not the way to run her business.

Many of my friends do not like being disturbed this way and i believe many will be the same too. Myself, for i, is such kind of person. I told me list that she can buy quality leads from list brokers like Martin Worldwide. I've told many people to buy from them and so far, no one has complained to me about the quality of those leads. So, do take my advice. Quit asking your friends and family members if you want to achieve success.

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