Sunday, September 02, 2007

I want the NEW N95 8gb phone!!!!

i didnt get to send my phone in for repair today as it rained just as i was about to leave the house. So, i get to use it for another day. I can only send it in tomorrow afternoon after i've sent Gordon to school. Thank god tomorrow's Monday jorrrrrr...... *kiss the ground*. Three days is more than enough to drive me crazy.

I'm itching to trade it in for the N95. But i know the new version is coming out. I has 8gb onboard memory and also comes with a huge 2.8" lcd screen and best of all, a longer battery life span. Good news or not. What's a phone without lasting battery lifespan. For me, it has to last at least 6 hours of continuous usage. If not, i'm so not buying.... ppppbbbttttt.

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