Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hubby's poker gaming chairs

I took Gordon to the clinic to have his poor foot checked and his dressing changed this afternoon. Too bad, the wound was still soft and the doctor had to puncture it once more to get more pus out. You should have heard my boy screaming out in pain. He told me he had no choice but to administer a stronger dose of antibiotics for two days. That's to take care of the infection. Second, he will refer Gordon to a surgeon to have the infected area cut opened and cleared once and for all.

My main concern was the pain factor. The doctor assured me that the surgeon will inject his foot with a painkiller before he cuts it open. I was glad to hear that. I sure dont want my boy to go through the same agony again like he did both today and yesterday. It's really heart-wrenching. We had to go to town to buy the antibiotic as the doctor did not carry it at his clinic. The pharmacy that the doctor told us to buy from asked us to return tomorrow as they also ran out of stock.

We had lunch at the restaurant next to it as all of us were very hungry by then. After that, on our way to get the car, we saw some very nice chairs at a furniture shop and went in to take a closer look. Hubby says they were quite and says they will match the new poker table. I told him i prefer those Poker Gaming Chairs at Cardroom Supply instead. He says he will take a look at them when he goes online next time.

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