Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Having fun with playing cards

Gordon found a few decks of old playing cards at his Grandma's bedroom and brought them back to our room to play with. He loves numbers. To my kid, he doesnt know what those cards are for. To him, it's numbers and a few letters of the alphabets that he's familiar with. He loves to line them up on the floor starting from 1 to 10, all neatly separated into their respective colors and shapes.

I asked my mother-in-law if she still wants those old playing cards or not and she told me no. Gordon can play with them if he wants to. I'm trying to teach him how to say the shapes on those cards. He knows how to say "square" when he sees the diamond shape, lol. As for heart, it's "love". I use it to teach him numbers. It's fun to see him playing with them all day long. But he does get frustrated when Malcolm tries to join in the fun and mess up his formation.

I dont advocate gambling in any form. But we do play with playing cards during festive seasons. It can actually foster family ties and everyone can have some great fun during those special occasions. We do play a friendly game of poker or blackjack during Chinese New Year. I think those old playing cards must be the ones we've been using during those festive seasons.

Since Gordon is having so much fun with them, i think i'll need to get a few more replacement decks back. We'll need those in a couple of months time. Cardroom Supply has lots of high quality Playing Cards. They've been supplying to casinos all over America for a long time. I guess those must be very durable and can last a long time too.

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