Saturday, September 15, 2007

Goji Berries for great skin

I have a bad rash on my right hand that's difficult to treat. Hubby says it's a type of skin disease called psoriasis. I've heard of it before. It's very itchy and he skin is raised. Has white scaly flaky loose dead skin and breaks open easily due to it being dry. Rubbing some ointment onto it helps soften it to some extend, but still didnt help much. It's effect is gone the moment i wash my hands and if i forget to reapply, the rash is back almost instantaneously. It can get painful at times too.

I cant really touch soap or detergent right now as it will only worsen my hand. So, i seldom do household chores that require i use lots of cleaning agents to get things done. Even if i were to mop the floor, i'll just plain water. Hubby asked me to try taking Goji Berries to see if it helps. One of his friend who has really bad skin all over his back, has been drinking Goji Berry Juice and he told hubby that his skin condition has improved tremendously. Oh yes, by all means. I'll take anything except medicine.

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