Friday, September 21, 2007

Check out St Thomas Condos

MIL told me to get Gordon ready for school earlier today as she wants to send the car in for servicing. It's heating up and the meter is going into the red zone, YIKES!!! She wants to send him to school first, then send the car over to the neighborhood mechanic. It's just nearby our house. So, i hope the stupid car will be back on time to pick my kid up from school.

It's an old car, but well maintained. It wont even fetch a good price even if we trade it in for a new model. See how things go. I may get one of my own so that i get more freedom. She asked me if i've heard of those St Thomas Condos or not. I asked her why and she said her daughter went there for a holiday some time back and will be over later to show her the photos she took of the beautiful Condo she stayed at. I just hope the rest of her daughters wont be over together. They can be a rude and noisy bunch and i detest them.

As for St Thomas Condos, of cos i've heard of them. Those are very luxurious and private vacation spots at the Caribbean. Only the rich can afford to stay there. And yes, her daughter married a rich guy. So, she can afford anything. I checked the site out for myself and i fell in love with the sea surrounding the Condo. I can imagine dining at the deck and also enjoying a suntan at the poolside. Ya, i think i need to go check out the real thing for myself one of these day. Not that i cannot afford it myself.

*This is a paid review*

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