Saturday, September 01, 2007

Are you looking for a metal buildings specialist?

I noticed that Metal Buildings are gaining popularity these days. I thought they are only used for factory or warehouses? Apparently not. They are even used for residential houses too. My uncle told me they are cheaper and take a shorter time to construct as compared to brickworks. He saw some pictures of modern metal buildings and asked me if i am familiar with those or not. He wants me to help him out with some design work. I may have be an interior designer once, but when it comes to metal buildings, this is definitely not my area of expertise.

I told him if he's interested in getting more info on Metal Buildings, i suggest he check out Ace Metal Buildings. They are the specialist and would definitely be able to help him out with whatever building or design that he has in mind. They are a local manufacturer of metal buildings and not a broker, so i bet their prices will be much lower too. I read that they will also provide 3 sets of Engineered Drawings to their customers at no extra cost. Are you looking for a metal buildings specialist? If you are, then do check out Ace Metal Buildings for more information.

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