Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you interested in collectible dolls?

Can you remember how many dolls you had when you were a little. I can remember my Ling-nee, a girl with a hooded pink overalls. Then, there's Honey, my huge Teddy Bear. No more. I only had two, lol. The rest of my toys are mostly cars, kites, marbles and all things that boys like. I never really liked figurines. Most of my girlfriends have Barbie dolls. Just not me. My mom wont buy me even one. How sad :(

Nevermind, if i want to play with dolls now, i'll go get my own. Not just any doll, but collectible dolls that i can proudly display in cabinets and show off. Collectible dolls are well sought-after all over the world as their value appreciate over time. Maybe one day, i'll sell them off for a handsome profit. Oh, go get one for yourself and you'll know what i mean.

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