Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Would you install security cameras at your home?

We had a discussion over getting a maid to help out with the household chores as my mother-in-law is getting old and i'm also too busy tending to the kids to do much. They are getting bigger and more demanding by the day. Hubby's main concerned with getting a live-in maid is that he's heard so much about them abusing the kids when we're not looking. It happened to one of his friend's kid once and he fired her immediately. He dont want the same thing to happen to ours.

I told him we can install Security Cameras all over the house in hidden places so that she wont know we're checking on her. If we ever find her doing something that she's not supposed to, she wonr be able to deny it as we have the proof on camera. Moreover, advanced technology these days can even enable us to monitor our homes from our mobile phone. Though we'll never leave her home alone, at least we know what is going on at home. If you want to know more about security cameras, then do check out homesecurityinformation.com for more information.

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