Friday, August 31, 2007

Where to obtain high quality health insurance leads

Have you ever received a call from someone whom you dont know asking you whether you are interested in buying health insurance or not? I have on numerous occasions and let me tell you this, i dont like it at all. The reason is plain simple, i did not ask for it. I believe most of the time, my friends are the ones who gave these people my number to call. And when i ask those callers who gave them my number, chances are they wont tell me either and give me some stupid excuses. Anyway, i slam the phone down on these callers cause i felt they have no respect for my privacy, period. I go back to sleep, and they lose a sale.

Now, if you are the insurance agent, dont ever ask your friends or family members to provide you with leads. Be a professional insurance agent and buy quality health insurance leads from websites like They have thousands of high quality, real time health insurance leads daily. You can buy these quality leads at a competitively price and believe you me, these leads are in high demand. These leads comes from consumers seeking affordable health insurance protections when they fill in online questionaires. With these leads, you are assured that you are only contacting people who are truly interested in buying health insurance. Dont waste your time. Head over to and buy your health insurance leads from them now.

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