Sunday, August 26, 2007

Visit Mexico

I went through some of my sister's recipes books and came across one on Mexican food. I didnt know she likes Mexican food also. Never seen her cook any of those before. When i was living in KL, i used to eat at a nearby Mexican Restaurant. I love those Tortillas and Salsas. Of cos, you cant compare those to the real thing. If you want to eat real Mexican food, you have to go there.

How about an All Inclusive Mexico Vacation towards the end of the year? The weather's great there. Hot all year round. Lots of sea, sandy beaches and sun. I can also get to eat all the Mexican fare that i want. If you want a Mexican vacation, you can book your stay with Karisma Hotels. Do check out what package they have to offer. How i wish i can go there, but i cant this year. Maybe next year.

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