Friday, August 24, 2007

Unique wedding favors from The Knot Wedding Shop

I nearly forgot that i still have to help my cousin sister select some unique wedding favors. She found many that she likes from The Knot Wedding Shop but cannot make up her mind which to buy. I can fully understand how she feels. It's the same as when she went to tryout those gorgeous wedding gowns. Also cannot make up her mind. If not for me, i think she still havent found her wedding gown yet, LOL.

Anyway, i asked her to get those wedding cameras. I've been to a few wedding functions and they seem to be a hit item. How come? But i guess it's the trend. All the ladies go wild when they receive one. I believe it's because most of them carry a small purse which cannot fit their digital camera inside. So, they were happy to be able to snap pictures straightaway during the wedding party.

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