Sunday, August 12, 2007

Uncle Joe's The Drive Of Life

I'm about to die of boredom. What to do,? I dont subscribe to Astro, nor is Uncle Ho my favorite hangout. And everyone is asking me if i've watched this The Drive Of Life or not. I'm still watching the last few episodes of Dicey Business, lol. How stale. Have to finish it... hogging up my storage. Now that my brand new pc has 320 Gb of storage.... phwweeeet. What's a blogging silai to do, utelmi. Do what i do best lah.

I sit in front here writing topics from graduation announcements to wedding invitation. How absolutely boringgggggg. My 3g HSDPA modem wont be back till Monday. Once it's back, i'll get to watch the movie sooner due to a faster transfer speed. I'm getting the first 20 episodes now. How many episodes are there? Which episode is running on Astro now?

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