Thursday, August 23, 2007

Plan the perfect wedding at

Many lovebirds get married in the Summer. I love Summer too. Great weather and of cos, i dont have to worry about my guest not being able to turn up. Many people go on Summer holidays during this time of the year. I have an idea on how to have a great Summer wedding. Me, i'll definitely have it in a garden setting. That's exactly what i told my niece when she was planning her earlier last month. She likes the idea too and asked me to help her out with the planning and preparation.

I told her i'll help, but she would want to check out for more tips on how to make her wedding the perfect one. They have all the experts to help her out with all the Wedding Ideas that she'll ever need. From where to get the best wedding gowns to wedding receptions, cakes, accessories..... oh. The list is endless. I just want her to be the most beautiful and happiest bride on earth that day.

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